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Nutrilipid Repair Cream

Nutrilipid Repair Cream

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Special nourishing skin care for dry, irritated skin. Contains valuable Shea butter.

This rich cream with valuable shea butter protects your skin from aggressive environmental influences (cold, wind) and helps to regenerate its natural moisture barrier. Relieves the tightness of the complexion due to dehydration. Vitamin A palmitate and a special oat extract have a firming and soothing action. For soft, supple skin with a radiant, youthful appearance.

Active Ingredients:

Shea butter

Ferment extract (Reductine)-Reductines are obtained from the ferment extract. They are rich in polysaccharides and biologically active proteins. They improve the elasticity of the epidermis, reduce the number and depth of the wrinkles and favor the smoothness of the skin.

Vitamin A palmitate

Skin Type:

Dry skin

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