Beauty sleep for sensitive skin

Healthy sleep is important for our well-being and for our skin’s beauty. This nourishing cream combines the five plant extracts, lemon balm, lavender, camomile, sage and St. John’s wort, with aromatic oils of lavender and orange blossom. In this way, it provides wonderful relaxation, intensive moisture and a refreshed complexion. Enjoy the wonderful fragrance – and the relaxed appearance of your skin in the morning. Contains Declaré SRC™ complex.

Active Ingredients:

St. John’s wort,
bush clover extract,
selected essential oils (bitter orange, jasmine, peony, etc.),
selected essential aroma oils (lavender, orange blossom),
hyaluronic acid (long and short chain),
vitamin E
SRC ™ complex

Skin Type:

All skin types

SKU: 785

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