The concentrated special care for an attractive décolleté.

Highly effective intensive care with a three-dimensional biopolymer made from the tuber of the cassava bush. Skin layers are vitalised, and the appearance of the neck and décolleté is remodelled, firmed and left looking years younger. Pigment spots appear reduced, the complexion looks even and glows with a youthful freshness. At the same time, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is reduced rapidly and for the longterm. The combination of refreshing moisture and precious natural oil nourishes the skin and leaves it unbelievably supple.

Active Ingredients:

Biopolymer from the tuber of the manioc shrub

Ribwort extract-

The ribwort is a herbaceous plant that can grow up to 50 cm tall. Its roots branch out deep into the earth, its leaves running narrow and pointed. This plant was originally native to Europe and is now spread throughout the world and blooms from May to September. In poor times it was consumed as salad replacement. Today it is considered as a delicacy of haute cuisine. In alternative medicine it is used due to its cooling and soothing effect after insect bites. For the first time cytoplasm was obtained from the leaves of the ribwort. The cytoplasm contains a high concentration of reproducible plantamajosiden. These molecules provide a new way of delay skin aging by inhibiting the degradation of structure and increasing the synthesis of structural proteins. Incredible results after one month:

+ 31% firmer skin

+ 23% improved skin elasticity

+ 35% increased skin density

Additionally, age spots are brightened noticeably and further overproduction of melanin is decreased.


SRC™ complex

hyaluronic acid (short- and long chains)

macadamia nut oil

vitamin E



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