Beauty Advice

A gentle routine filled with guilty pleasures

To help you develop the right reflex for your daily routine, here are some beauty advises for a healthy skin by using high-end DECLARÉ care. Each step was designed to maximize efficiency and pleasure as you apply it.

Simply follow the steps and see the results for yourself!


Step 1 : Make cleaning your skin a daily reflex routine


With the use of the gentle cleanser Soft Cleansing your skin will never be so soft and clean. In addition to its pleasant smell of linden extracts, the product Soft Cleansing will release your skin its excess oil and impurities without disturbing the natural balance of the skin.

Tip : Use it day and evening. Apply onto face and rinse with warm water or wipe with cotton pad to keep the scent on your healthy skin.

Step 2 : Soft Cleansing tonic for thorough cleaning

Tonic lotion Soft Cleansing DECLARÉ for several usages, it gently removes impurities and hard water; Tones, clarifies and tightens pores.

Tip : Use daily after cleansing, saturate a cotton pad with the lotion and apply onto face to finalise the perfect cleansing and to prepare the skin to receive care for better absorption.

Tip : Use Soft Cleansing scrub once or twice a week to remove excess dead skin and reveal a younger looking, smooth, and radiant beauty skin. 


Step 3 : The eye contour cream




Let yourself to be charmed by the eye contour cream Pro Youthing DECLARÉ of real silk particles, selected oils and refreshing moisturizers which will heal and pamper your skin, make it incredibly soft and visibly reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

For wrinkles more pronounced, use the contour care anti-wrinkle eye Luxury Caviar Perfection DECLARÉ, this one will fill and smooth the wrinkles thanks to its active ingredients such as sea minerals and plant extracts.

Tip : Select your eye cream DECLARÉ based on the depth of wrinkle expressions.

Tip : Apply small amount by tapping with the ring finger.